A Match Made in Natural Toy Heaven

The Original Tree Swing was born in September of 2009, thanks to the encouragement and support from my partner Joyce.  As a mother, Waldorf teacher, and natural toy store owner; Joyce had critical insight that helped to guide me as I designed the toys that would make up my product line and grew my business.  While Joyce enjoyed being a retail store owner, her passion was teaching.  She taught at our local Waldorf school, she taught craft & handwork classes in a classroom she built in the back of her store, and she accepted an artist in residence position at a local charter school.  It seemed that no mater where she was children were drawn to her and her to them.  We jokingly called her the pied piper of children.  Ten months ago, Joyce started working on turning ten of her most popular classes into kits that children could do at home.  She spent endless hours refining each of the projects to ensure they were perfect, weeks drawing the labels, and what felt like an eternity hand drawing the instructions.  Today, as we launch the first ten Piped Piper Craft Kits (Joyce is already hard at work on the next ten kits) and our new website; we would also like to announce a marriage of sorts.  The Original Tree Swing & Pied Piper Crafts are joining together to bring you the best in wood toys & natural crafts.  We hope you enjoy them.  - Bill & Joyce