Painted Oval Tree Swing

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Limited Edition Painted Tree Swings

Our Limited Edition Painted Oval Tree Swing are just what the name describes; an old-fashioned rope swing, simple yet beautiful with a colorful hand painted design. The Original Tree Swing is hand made from reclaimed Ash. Each swing seat is made from one solid piece of wood that is kiln dried, sanded and painted using exterior enamel paint. Then finished with a coat of oil based spar urethane to help protect it from the elements and bring out the woods natural beauty. The seat is then packaged with ¾” black polypropylene rope. The Original Tree Swing is designed to blend in with its natural surroundings and compliment landscaping. Children will spend hours playing on their Original Tree Swing and build memories that will last a lifetime.

* 375 lb weight limit - Ages 3+

* How are you going to hang your swing? Please take a look at our shop and consider adding hanging hardware to your order.

* Size & Materials: Our swing seats are made from a single piece of Ash, which is an incredibly strong and durable wood. Swing seats measure 11.25” in diameter and a sturdy 1 ¾” thick. Our rope is ¾” diameter black polypropylene. This rope is smooth to the touch, shrink, stretch, rot, UV resistant and just generally looks and holds up better than sisal, manila, or pro manila rope.

Longer Rope: Swings with longer ropes are available in the drop down. Contact us if you don’t see the length you need and we will set up a custom order for you.

Custom Engraving: If you would like to have a custom engraved brass plaque added to your swing just select that option in the drop down, click add to cart. In the special instructions section let us know what you would like the plaque to say. Our plaques are 4” long by 3/4” tall. Enough space to add up to two custom lines of text: “Welcome to your new home” or “Happy Birthday Sarah” or just about anything else. If you have any questions please contact us at (612) 968-4038.

* Care: We recommend that you apply an additional coat of spar urethane seasonally or when needed to help protect your swing from the elements and inspect the rope to ensure it has not been rubbing where it's attached.

* Color and grain pattern will vary in each swing seat