Product Safety


We want to make sure those children and adults using our swing are safe and that you enjoy your swing for as long as possible. You must check your swing at the beginning of each season and regularly before each use for signs of wear and tear. Swing seats are made from wood and will degrade over time. Failure to check for wear and tear could result in injury. Should you observe signs of wear and tear, the swing is no longer safe and must not be used.

This product is intended to be used solely for swinging at a reasonable height, in a seated position, while holding onto the rope with both hands. Children should not be allowed to use the swing without adult supervision. Extreme care should be taken when selecting a tree branch (or other item) from which the swing will hang to ensure that the branch (or other item) will support the weight of all swing users. You should mount and use your swing well clear of any power lines, fences, garages, houses, branches/twigs or any other obstacle that the swing may come in contact with.

These swings are intended for outdoor use only and should be installed on a level surface above grass or wood chips. Our swings, like all swings, carry a risk of injury from falling and, if the swing is not used exclusively as intended, it is possible that the rope could cause strangulation. Your swing has been treated with a light coat of Thompson’ Water Seal and you should apply a new coat of weather seal every spring / fall or more often depending on the climate in which you live.